Problems creating DB2 UDB LUW db from GUI tools

I've had tons of problems creating db's (or doing some other operations) from the GUID tools, including Data Studio, and the control center (under db2 9.7).

It's always complained about the DAS, but the DAS (the DB2 Administration Server) is always happily running.

Today I stumbled across something that told me to issue the following command:
db2admin create
I then ran a
db2admin start

After that, I was able to successfully verify the instance, connect, and create the db I was trying to create.

Sorry - wish I had captured some screenshots along the way, but now that I've fixed it, I can't reproduce ;-)

At any rate, hope this helps someone.

Getting read-only access to DMV's for querying system and performance stats

Most of what we're going to want to look at when you're having production issues are available through DMV's.If granting select to* is a bit too much, these are the tables I'm generally most interested in:
Required Permissions:To query a dynamic management view or function requires SELECT permission on object and VIEW SERVER STATE or VIEW DATABASE STATE permission.
For Query tuning:sys.dm_exec_query_statssys.dm_exec_sql_textsys.dm_exec_text_query_plan
For general Waits and locks:sys.dm_tran_lockssys.dm_os_wait_stats
For Missing Indexes:sys.dm_db_missing_index_group_statssys.dm_db_missing_index_groupssys.dm_db_missing_index_detailssys.databases
For IO_STALL:sys.dm_io_virtual_file_statssys.master_files

/* NOTE: The following should not be needed as users are already set upUSE [master]GOCREATE USER [theUser] FOR LOGIN [theUser] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=[dbo]GO
USE [master]GO
GRANT SELECT ON sys.dm_os_hosts TO [theUser]GRANT SELECT ON…

Performance related trace-flags for SQL Server 2005 & 2008

I mostly wanted to post this in order to record it for later reference.
If you're interested in these flags, please proceed to the MS Support site using the following link.

Chat doesn't work in WOT for XBox One, but works elsewhere

I've recently had an issue with my chat not working in WOT for XB1, but working everywhere else.
To resolve, I had to do a hard restart on the console.
Hold the power-button down for quite some time (about 10 seconds) to power down the console entirely.
When it came back up, chat worked.

Good luck!

Netbeans Issues with tableChanged event for JTable

I've struggled most of the day today to get the tableChanged() event to fire for a JTable I created to link to a database table, and wanted to share my solution.

As the linked video shows, after creating a custom listener that implements TableModelListener, and adding the listener to the table model object, the listener refused to fire.

Long story short, the answer turned out to be that I had failed to provide a name for the Default elements binding object. (See screenshot immediately below)

Here is a video of me demonstrating this phenomenon more thoroughly. I hope you find it instructive.

SQL Server: T-SQL JOB to kill sessions with long-running transactions

We have a situation in a build/test server in which the application server (jboss, in this case) is unceremoniously killed by the build process.
This is leaving us with transactions that are not committed, nor are they rolled back. I like to call these zombies. SQL Server thinks they're just happily executing.

Because SQL Server has no server side lock, transaction, or query timeout, I developed this job to simulate a 10 minute transaction timeout.

It's not sophisticated, but it will give you a good starting point in case you should have to create your own .

if not exists (select * from sys.schemas where name = 'LOGSCHEMA')
if exists (select * from sys.tables where name = '#OLD_SPIDS')
GO  /* NOTE: In the following, I fully qualified the Kill_Long_Running_tran_log table as dbname.schema.tablename. DB_NAME will need to be changed */
if not exists (select * from s…