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One more reason to hate Windows 7

So, there is a service that I often need to restart.  I don't like pointing and clicking, so I'll run cmd and then type net start | find /I "cisco" to get the name.  Then I'll pipe that to net stop and net start.  Or, I USED to do that.
Now, when i try to do it, I learn that access is denied, even though I am logged in as a local admin.

OK - so, where's the SUDO equivalent that will let me run this command as an administrator when i'm, you know, administrating.


Veterans Day

I know it sounds crazy, but I struggle with veterans’ day.  Several of my closest friends are vets, some still serving.  I watch people post poems or pictures or thank-you’s, and honestly, it gives me a lump of anger in the pit of my stomach.  We sit here, comfortably, doing nothing to make their lot better, watching as their lives are squandered, but it’s all good because we stand up at the parade when the old folks pass with the flags. We have failed our soldiers.  They’ve gone off and been great soldiers, while we have sat here and been absolutely wretched citizens.   We owe our soldiers an apology.  I’ll start. I’m sorry for not raising a bigger stink when we were getting involved in Iraq. Honestly, I thought it was saber rattling and wouldn’t really happen, but that’s no excuse.  I knew it was stupid, and I let myself be shouted down and intimidated. I’m sorry that you have been deployed 3 and 4 times.  I’m sorry that you get panic attacks and have PTSD.  I’m sorry that your ma…