Saturday, March 01, 2008


I could be wrong. Newsboys might be the greatest band ever.

Sympathy for the Devil Remix

something about this video rings true. I almost like what they've done musically towards the end. I think it would have worked better to do that all the way through.

Yes. I have insomnia (stress induced I would guess) and am watching music videos. :)

Maybe it's because when I first saw it I was 19, in love simultaniously with three amazing young women, and stoned out of my mind on NiQuil, but I gotta say, this video doesn't carry the same potency for me that it used to.

Everything is defined by it's moment in time.

When I first heard it, I thought the lyric was
I'm not sleepin' ... alone...
I'm not sleepin' ... at all ...


So, as it turns out, U2 is the greatest band ever. I recognize the complete banality of this statement, as it is a well established and objectively verifiable fact ;-).

Brazil is a wonderful nation. I was fortunate to spend some time in Rio while working in South American Joint Ventures for MCI. There's some life being lived, there, man. But it's not a hedonistic throw-away culture like ours. Everyone's partying, but they're partying with the people they love, and it's like a family atmosphere, even though everyone is drinking and dancing. Good stuff.

I never get tired of that song...

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