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Find out where you're logged on

As a sysadmin, I end up logged in all over the place.
Periodically, I'm asked to change my password, and if I'm not logged out from every server, it can cause all sorts of issues.

Update: 2013-11-11
Ignore everything below.  This is so much easier than I was making it.
PsLoggedOn will simply scan your network and tell you where you're logged on. Not sure how I missed this!

PsLoggedon.exe -l MyDomain\MyUser


There is a WMIC command that can be used to see where you're logged in at on the network. This is probably the recommended way if you're running newer servers.
However, we still have a lot of older servers that don't fully support WMIC.  I therefore take the following approach:

From command prompt, run
NET VIEW | FIND /I "DB" > SERVERLIST.txt This populates the list with all DB servers (per our naming conventions).

I then run
NET VIEW | FIND /I "AS" >&g…