Tuesday, October 21, 2008

IBM AIX v.s Windows, one hotheads anecdotal and completely un-scientific comparison

So, seriously ... AIX sucks.
I know there will be all sorts of people who think I'm talking crazy talk, but in my experience, it is :
* - not user friendly
* - not especially stable
* - not especially robust

the first point is obvious, and few will argue it.

in defense the second, let me say that we run IBM WebSphere on AIX, i5, and Windows, and AIX is BY FAR the least stable.

in defense of the 3rd, again my experience is with WebSphere on the platform, but you can load Windows much more heavily than AIX with test environments, or so it seems.  No, I don't have hard data to support this, but I DO have anecdotal evidence related to updates taking 4 times as long for similar hardware, and the fact that we have to allocate these systems way more physical memory in order to run the same amount of WAS/JAVA software at an acceptable clip.

Combined with the fact that they're enourmously expensive, I find myself wondering why anyone still buys them, I gotta tell ya.

joe out...

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