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Crappy Microsoft

All I needed was to reference return codes for the net stop and net start commands, and every *(&#$@ link was busted.


silly similie

This is how I feel when approaching religious issues scientifically...

Let's pretend that I'm living on a huge pile of uranium (or something else horribly radioactive) in the year 1000 BCE.

Because it’s 1000 BCE, I don’t understand Uranium. In all probability, I incorrectly understand the elements to be earth, wind, and fire. However, because the best minds available to the wondrous modern age in which I live (1000 BCE) have come together and agreed on the answer to the question of elements, I am altogether confident that we have the whole element question sufficiently worked out and put to bed. Earth. Wind. Fire.

But I digress…

I don’t understand or acknowledge the existence of uranium, which won’t be discovered for another 2,790 years. If I had a proper understanding of elements, I might work out the existence of atoms, and then sub-atomic particles, and finally radioactive decay of elements. (All vastly oversimplified herein…)

Furthermore, there exists no equipment to allow me t…

Installing Linux on a Dead Badger

my reasons for living

I took my eldest daughter golfing this evening.

Livie is one of four reasons that I live. (  The others are Amber Jo, Eva, and Danette.  My girls, much like beer, are proof that God loves me and wants me to be happy.

Livie is so enthusiastic, and the joy just pours out of her when we do things together.  

She’s starting to detect my character flaws and be disapproving, but that’s OK.  She caught me watching a taped MNF game when I should have been hard at work (and I was in fact working between plays), and sort of let me have it.  As much as I would love for her to go on forever admiring me without question, I would much rather she thinks critically and sees clearly, even when concerning her old man.