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Hitler and Joshua

A distasteful thought occurred to me as I was contemplating the book of Joshua; a question, really: How is what Germany did in WW2 substantively different from what Israel did in the book of Joshua?

I know – I’m going strait to hell for even typing this. We all know that Hitler was evil – diseased of mind and malignant of spirit, Satan’s representative on earth. Joshua, on the other hand, was God’s special guy. He communed with God in special ways, and studied at the feat of Moses.

Let’s set aside value judgement and, for a moment, ignore all of that. Let us pretend that the supernatural is in no way involved in any human endeavor and look simply at the actions of the people in question.

Hitler: If we take his writings in Mein Kampfat face value, Hitler was trying to further the cause of his people – his nation in the ethnos sense, the Germans. To this end, he waged war to acquire land that he felt rightly belonged to his people, and ruthlessly exterminated those that he felt posed …