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Christianity and Evolution
I don't understand.
I really, really don't understand. Not even a little bit.
OK, several things.

1) An atheist who says "there is no God because science" is just as wrong as a Christian who says "Evolution can't be true because bible." 

2) EVOLUTION does not equal ATHEISM. Lots of people believe in a deity and still buy into evolution.

3) Evolution does not have to mean there is no God. In point of fact, it doesn't have to mean much of anything to a religious or faith perspective.

Well, I guess it does in a very specific situation...
IF you REALLY believe that God LITERALLY spoke things into existence in 7 days, creating a vault in the sky between two waters and hanging in that vault the sun, moon, and stars
.. AND IF you believe that he sort of drew a person in the dirt and blew on him to make him live
... AND IF you believe that an ACTUAL TALKING SNAKE (because, hey, who HASN'T run across one of those ... ) t…