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“being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”- Philippians 1:6

At some point in my life, this verse became very real to me.  It pulls in the same direction as the 23rd Psalm.  Sometime for an interesting exercise, read the 23rd Psalm and make a list of the things that the writer will do, and another list of the things that God will do.  Spoiler alert: God does everything.  Our job is to "not want", to lay down in green pastures, to not fear, to be anointed, and to dwell in His house forever.  Not a lot of hard-pulling work there, huh?

Also, the "count the cost" verse in Luke 14:27-29.  Certainly, Jesus meant this directed towards us in context, but would God not also be held to the same standard?  In other words, when he decided to save Joe Hayes, he knew what it would take.  He didn't set himself up for…

The Fragility of Gay Iowa - TIME

I gotta be honest. Reading this article confuses me.

In it, we find a member of a heterosexual couple with children who has gotten divorced, and then is re-marrying a same sex partner.

I don't have any answers, but here are some questions that are swimming around in my head:

1- when marriage vows are so easily cast aside, and marriage has been come to see not as a practical institution in which two fairly complex mammals share resources for the purpose of rearing children, why do we care who takes marriage vows or who doesn't? Does the institution really have any meaning at all anymore? I mean in real life, not in theory.
2- I understand that there is no such thing as separate but equal, but what about separation of church and state? In other words, why not a civil union under state law that applies to ALL couples (same or opposite sex), and another thing we'll call marriage that the church can have an do with as it sees fit?
2a- -OR- am I defining the problem too narrowly, an…