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It's so weird to me ...

Spent the morning trying to decide if/how to write about my daughter, Livie's week at Baptist summer camp.

It's just so weird to me ...

I read verses like this, and they humble me:

But, in spite of such reminders, we try so hard to make the working of the cosmos fit our strict cosmological views.

I've heard the idea expressed, again and again, by people of great faith, that their entire faith somehow falls flat on its face if the first couple chapters of Genesis are not a literal, accurate historical record.

Wait; what? Why?

Because the Holy Spirit could never inspire an allegory or morality tale that, while holding great Truth, nonetheless wasn't literal, historical fact? (See parables of Jesus)

Because we know the mind of God, and he would never bring to fruition His great Creative Work through a process so unintuitive as billions of years of the emergence of Life through a bottom-…