Saturday, November 10, 2007

Embrace the Failure

Donnie Miller has a nice post on a new perspective on failure that I think uniquely applies to me.

I used to be a pretty big guy. I was fond of saying that I could bench-press nearly half a metric ton, but this was based on a mis-conception that a metric ton was 1000 lbs, as opposed to 1000 kilograms.

Yeah - didn't think that one through. Anywhoo...

One of our big training strategies was called negative reps. the concept of negative reps would be to lift to failure, then continue lifting with the help of your spotting partner until you could essentially no longer move your ... well ... whatever you happened to be moving.

I've learned to not be discouraged by failure. I can truly say that I shrug failure off, perhaps too much at times. But the new perspective, here, is that I live my life the same way I lifted weights.

I push to the obvious point where others would very sensibly stop, and then I just keep on going :-)>

Eventually something breaks, and it's usually me. Or, worse, something that falls on me. Usually God blesses me with a good spotter that pulls my fat out of the fire and helps me go until i am truly a quivering puddle of goo. Sometimes not.

But that's OK. I left it on the field, baby. I left it on the field.

Thanks, Donny.


Tonight! - I had an epiphany...

Check it out - ... ... Shaggy.
Let's see ...
* superhuman ability to ingest soda and veggie-burgers covered in wondrous assorted goo.
* eats famous "flaming sphincter" chili until annoying sound of smoke-alarms ruins mood
* Screams like a girl and runs with flailing arms in no particular direction when frightened
* dances poorly to "70's Solid Gold"
* bizarre man-love bond with a talking dog.
* very groovy van, man. Very groovy.

Yep - story checks out :-)>

Scripting out existing database mail configuration

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