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Regular Expressions in SQL Server, DB2 UDB, and Oracle

I was a bit surprised that not all RDBMS platforms offer robust, native support for regular expressions.

Oracle: Oracle introduced this in 10g. It is implemented in roughly the way I would expect and looks like it's pretty useful.

DB2: DB2 seems to have this capability in 9.7. NOTE that I have not checked to see if it was available in earlier releases.  However, it appears you have to go through the XQuery interface. I'm not surprised by this, but a bit disappointed.  I had hoped for an implementation more like Oracle's. I think that the DB2 way is going to be cumbersome for the average user.

db2 "with val as ( select t.text from texts t where xmlcast(xmlquery('fn:matches(\$TEXT,''^[A-Za-z 0-9]*$'')') as integer) = 0 ) select * from val"Reference1, IBM DB2 for LUW 9.7 information center referenceMS SQL Server: SQL Server, it seems, requires you to roll your own solution or look to some sort of 3rd party.  I'm very s…