Friday, March 14, 2008

My Wife is my hero

I for some reason saved this as a draft and did not publish. Will was born over 1 year ago, but here it is:

So, my wife just pounded out kid #5.
William Allen Hayes.
The boy is pink and perfect :-)
My wife is a machine.

Kidding aside, I think that the idea of putting men in the delivery room was meant to be torture. I would much rather give birth myself than watch helplessly as my wife does it. Watching her cry, hearing her pleas to the baby to just come out, and wiping her tears has, 5 time now, hurt me in ways that I once didn't know I could hurt, while at the same time filling me with a pride that I don't quite know how to voice.

So, as pain medicine dripped ineffectively down her back, she squeezed my hand and cried out in distress and suffered mightily, as has nearly every woman in human history, to assure that these days continue.

Watching what my wife does for her kids and for me day after day after day drives me to my knees, thanking God that I get to "get through another day" with her.

And thank you, God, for another beautiful, strong baby. May he be beautiful and strong, smart and wise, kind and Godly, and help me to be a good daddy.

Please to meet you, little Bill.

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