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Yoda IS a Muppet.

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Wow - the reach of Jim Henson even extends into a Galaxy far, far away ...

Leaders in Both Parties ...

In stimulus bills, earmarks by any other name - Capitol Hill-
“Many of these projects are worthy and benefit local communities,” he said. “But this emergency legislation must not be the vehicle for those aspirations. This must be a time when leaders in both parties put the urgent needs of our nation above our own narrow interests.”

2 things that I think are really sad -
1 - neither the Republicans NOR THE DEMOCRATS seem tohave paid along with Obama's lofty visions on this stimulus bill.  I'm not surprised by that.   But...
2 - I wish he had called them out on it, or at least paid lip-service to calling this spade a spade.  I understand the realities of his position - he needs to maintain working relationships, doesn't have all the power, needs to be positive and inspire confidence for the markets and economy in general, etc. etc. etc..  I guess I'm just enough of an idealist that I would have like to have heard some sideways reference to "yeah, some stuff i…

I was wondering how long this would take ...

NFL chief takes pay cut after layoffs - Feb. 25, 2009
In light of reductions to advertising budgets etc., I was wondering how long it woudl be until the NFL felt the impact.  I wonder if there will be stories soon about marquis players being cut to save on budget?