Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm feelin' this.

This video's not that great, but i love the music, the lyrics, and Melissa Ethridge's voice.

I know a place
down past an old shack
on a road that goes to nowhere
aint nobody commin' back

we could go there tonight
we can talk until the dawn
or maybe somethin' else
I'll leave the radio on.
the radio on...
well it's saturday night
it feels like everything's wrong
I've got some strawberry wine
I wanna get you alone.
Get you alone ...

There's no one to hear.
You might as well scream
they never woke up
from the american dream
and they don't understand
what they don't see
and they look through you and they
look past me
you and I dancin' slow...
we've got nowhere to go.

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