Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Recording General System Performance Data for AIX

Collect Topas Info


I identified a need to record general system information for review in association with DB2TOP data.
This is the very brief procedure I developed to do so.

Generate the data

Execute TOPAS_NMON by using the following commands:
topas_nmon -s 5 -c 100 -f
This will sample every 5 seconds for 100 samples and save to a file in your current directory.
NOTE: You can also leave off the -c and just let it run. When ready to stop it, issue kill command.
                ps -ef | grep -i "topas"
                then, use the kill command, passing in the pID, to end it.

Analyze using NMON Analyzer

  1. Download NMON Analyzer here. (!/wiki/Power+Systems/page/nmon_analyser  )
  2. Open NMON Analyzer.
  3. Enable Macros.
  4. Set Settings in Settings tab as desired. NOTE: Default values are fine.
  5. Set desired settings in Analyzer.
  6. Click "Analyze nmon data" button to perform analysis.

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