Old Fashioned Morphine and other songs of drugdom

Recently subscribed to 360-share pro. I'm a bit infatuated with these Kazaa-style music sharing serivices because they expose me to music that I wouldn't otherwise stumble across. If the music moves me, I try to give appropriate contributions ($$$) to the good people who went to the time and expense to make the good music. I don't feed hip-hop-poppies.

My current plan (which may change by the end of this sentence) is to drop some bank on old-fashioned morhpine...

This is a send-up of the old-time religion song as nearly as I can tell, although it is possible that they simply both have a common ancestor.

In my many music service travels, I have reached the conclusion that you cannot go wrong with any song named for or by artists named for "Morphine".


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