Sunday, September 10, 2006

My heart goes out to him

My heart goes out to a young friend. Tonight finds him cought in the throes of Naz(arene)ism. it is unfortunate that we have set the bar so high that it is impossible for a young man to measure up. It is tragic that we are producing teens and young adults that are so damaged. This poor boy actually stated that he was afraid to date, because he knew he'd have sex.

One of the devil's greatest tricks is to convince us that sex is somehow fundamentally bad. Examples:
1. Jesus MUST not have been married or had children, becuase he was sinless. I've heard this many times. My response - gah?
2. Masturbation as sin - everyone's taught it is. I found as a young man that if I didn't handle it, it handled me. Masturbation doesn't hurt anyone, and it relieves a legitimat physical NEED.
3. Priests not able to marry. I don't know where to begin on this.

I don't beleive that we have to resist everything that makes us human.

I wonder -when are they going to tell us we can't poop? Ya' konw, that's pretty icky and dirty. Gotta be sinful.

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