Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Marylin Manson Lyrics

I hate to admit it, but totally identify with the lyrics in this song, particularly below.

I would be interested to spend a day with MM and get to know him. He gives voice to some really interesting, and even sort of archetypal thoughts and emotions. I find these expressed a lot in those who were raised to hate our humanity, especially during a period when our humanity is most intensely felts (teen years).

There's little worse than intensely longing to be something "good" that you can never be, but believing that you're simply deficient in some way.

I love God, but I hate ... no, more like am deeply distressed and enormously saddened, by the voice, attitudes, and petty human-ness that the godly have superimposed on the idea of God.

Owl Intranet -- Owl 0.91 20060822
I never really hated the "one true God"
But the god of the people I hate

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