On Naughty words...

Was just reading a response I did to a post on Durk Niblick's site, and felt it warranted posting here with some minor revisions:

[When it comes to naughty words ...]

I like “Frell”, or “Frellin’”.

It’s this nice cross between a couple of popular naughty words. So, it's not just naughty, it's, like, naughty in stereo. D'ya get my meanin', govna'?

So I can say “Hey, what the frell?”, and no one knows… Is he going to hell for saying h-e-double hockey-sticks? Has he marked himself a social pariah for referencing unlawful carnal knowledge? Or perhaps he has left polite society gasping in the miasma of his verbal flatulations with a clever combination of the two?

But little do they know that THE JOKE’S ON THEM - because I don’t mean either! :-)>
It’s just a nonsense word in which my feeble mind takes refuge when trying to express strong emotion! Bwah-hah-hah-hah-hah…. ah...

Well, sort of let the cat out of the bag on frell, didn’t I. Word will travel, so use it quickly if you want to revel in it's ooey-gooey-goodness before the revelation of it’s naughty secret drains it of it’s cream-filled center and leaves only the partially hydrogenated yellowing husk of a once brilliant new (not)-naughty word.

I can certify it as 100% not a naughty word, as it has neither religions or sexual implications, nor does it have Saxon origins.

Actually, all kidding aside, it’s something they use on the sci-fi channel. So, you know, could mean anything.


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