Thursday, October 09, 2008

Gay Marriage - The Last Stand?

Emergent Nazarenes: Gay Marriage - The Last Stand?
The single greatest threat to the sacrament of marriage in America is
the rampant and wanton abuse of divorce by heterosexual Christians.

next greatest threat to the sacrament of marriage in America is rampant
and wanton abuse of sex in all it's forms by heterosexual Christians.

I could not AGREE MORE with these statements.  It is indeed the "plank-eyed plurality" that is destroying the institution of marriage. 

So, here are my positions on this:

1 -  homosexuality may or may not be a sin.  Yeah, yeah, the bible says ... the bible says all sorts of things that we conveniently ignore every day.  (Ladies, when's the last time you prayed with your head covered?)  Surely it must be said that the standards of morality at a granular level shift over time if viewed through a biblical eye, even if the underlying essence form which that morality emanates does not.
2 - at any rate, #1 is irrelevant to the political discourse.  if we are to be a truly plural society, we must make our standard of law the golden rule.  The standard against which we must hold any law is "who is being harmed".  That MUST become the basis of our system of law.  Actions or inactions which cause no immediate and obvious danger or harm to the individual or community must be allowed.  Actions or inactions which cause harm must be disallowed and punished.  Two homosexuals sharing insurance benefits and jointly applying for a mortgage doesn't hurt anyone, regardless of what someone may think of their behavior.  Certainly it is less damaging than gambling, drinking, divorce, smoking, cheating on spouse, eating fast food, or any of the myriad other things that we overlook.

In 100 years, historians will be talking about why the church in America died, and this crazy culture war will be the reason.  We must bear in mind that the same laws which protect our freedoms to worship, dissent, etc., MUST be applied equally to people outside of our own camp.  If not, we simply have yet another new religious tyranny.

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