Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WMIC to create a report of free disk space on servers

To see the free space on drives for a server, use the following command.
NOTE:  Replace   with the name of your server.

C:\temp>wmic /AGGREGATE:Off /FAILFAST:On /RECORD:outout.xml /NODE: "" logicaldisk get SystemName,description,DeviceID,FreeSpace
Description              DeviceID  FreeSpace    SystemName
3 1/2 Inch Floppy Drive  A:                     DEN01VMDBSOLO01
Local Fixed Disk         C:        12263886848  DEN01VMDBSOLO01
Local Fixed Disk         D:        78583287808  DEN01VMDBSOLO01
Local Fixed Disk         E:        78348578816  DEN01VMDBSOLO01
CD-ROM Disc              F:                     DEN01VMDBSOLO01
Network Connection       R:        52428800000  DEN01VMDBSOLO01

Even better, you can do so for a whole list of servers, by
A) Creating a comma delimited or newline delimited (on server on each line) list of server names in a .txt file.

B) Replacing with @ServerList.txt, where ServerList.txt is the name of your text file.


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