Friday, June 27, 2014

Quit Calling Me Stupid...

I recently saw this one going around Facebook:

Here is my response:

No, I don't think criminals obey laws. Only the fictional liberal bogey man that you create so that you can win arguments believes that. No actual human being believes that.

However, given what I think I know about supply and demand, I DO think it's entirely probable that cutting the overall supply of weapons will reduce the number of criminals who have access to said weapons. Will some criminals still have them? Yes. But, they will have to be smarter and better funded. Will some brainless brat who's going to take your wallet to buy weed have one? Potentially - but it's far less likely, if we sufficiently reduce the supply, thus increasing the value even on a black market. How about the suburban kid who's been rejected by the cute girls one too many times? I dunno. Maybe. But, again, I have to believe a smaller supply is going to create higher barriers to ownership and thus reduce the chances.

This would, of course, require both laws and law enforcement, which I know you hate. I'm not saying it's something conservatives wanna do, just that it could be done.

But, that's not the point. The reality is that NO ONE wants to take your guns away.

Here's what I have a problem with:
In Iowa, Conservatives have gone so stark-raving-mad with hatred for the liberal bogey - man, who I can attest does not exist, that they've passed laws removing Sheriff's discretion from concealed carry permits. The result is convicted sex offenders walking around with concealed carry permits. THAT's the sort of thing that I want to get rid of.

That and gormless twits carrying loaded AR's into Target amongst the sugar-mad kids and terrified soccer moms.

The words "well regulated" are right there in the 2nd amendment. Maybe you need to read it again.

And, quit calling me stupid.

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