Monday, October 24, 2005

Religions Vs. Science - Everyone's Wrong

Linked is an article by Cenk Uygur about the "big three" religions and their practitioners. It's that standard old "you religions creeps are creepy and science is the only way" schtick.

I distrust anyone who thinks they know all that there is to be known about anything. They clearly have not studied history.

Pitting science against religion is ridiculous. Science has a completely different set of limitations than does religion. Science cannot know what it does not know. Example, science could not have talked about radioactivity before the activities of Mary curie and subsequent inventions of devices that allow us to measure what we cannot otherwise sense. Could it have speculated (hypothesized)? Yes, but it never occurred to anyone to do so. Science cannot comment on faith excepting it finds ways to measure the subject matter.

I'm sure that there currently exists no evidence for a whole host of things that will be discovered and contemplated long after the postings of a bunch of bloggers is in a museum with the Rosetta stone. No, that's giving us too much credit. It will all be sitting on some hard drive that was used by some nerdy history wonk to bash through a window to steal some porn, and we'll have been the first against the wall when the revolution came. :)

I also have a healthy distrust of people who reject the best information that science has to offer (which admittedly may be flawed) because it does not fit with their current world-view (which we need to realize also may be flawed). It should be accepted as it is, the best that science currently has to offer.

No one should abandon their faith because of science. No one should abandon their science because of faith.

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