My girls

So, a friend calls me last night at about 10:00 asking me if I'd like to play base in a concert tonight. What the hell, says I. Why wouldn't I want to play an instrument I don't play on songs i don't know in a band I'm not in. Sweeeeeeeeet......

The most wonderful part of the whole night was the picture my little girl made for me. Check this out...

I can't think of anything that makes me happier than my family. My wife and my daughters make me hope there is a God, and that somehow we'll be together forever.


F8t smote me said…
DUDE..that is soo nice that I was inlcuded in your "love" that night was awsome..the best time iv'e had in a LOOOONNNGG should do more random

PS..I realy hope there is a God also..or else...i'm screwed

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