Thursday, December 14, 2006


I hate that I missed Tuesday Hatred over at

I hate that i never ever see plus sized women in hot-pink or powder blue panties anymore. (Where did the 80s go?) Seriously, I still remember an add in a catalog that had a curvy black woman with a cutsie fro in a powder blue bra and pantied ensemble. Her skin was perfect, and her hair sort of teased at her big brown eyes. I need a moment...

I hate that you cannot get anesthesia over the counter. I'd never be conscious again, baby.

I hate no longer being able to drink real pop. Gad-Zukes! I'm jonesin' for a soda.

I hate not feeling guilty for cruising for porn in any non-relative sense. The only thing to prevent said ogling is my wife's dislike for the behavior. That's enough, but shouldn't there be more?

I hate never agreeing with anything that I hear at church - ever. "No room for gray in religion," says he. "My ASS!" says I. (Well said, Joe.) What planet are these people from?

Mmmmmm...... Powder Blue.....


Derin Beechner (Durk Niblick) said...

I sure do love you Joe!


Monte said...

Maybe that's what's wrong with religion! 'Tain't the good guys, in the gospels, who insist on everything being either black or white.
Good post!

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