Thursday, December 14, 2006


I'm having a terrible time getting the song list down to only 3. Here's a brainstorm - most of these will be immediately disqualified -
1. Another brick in the wall (parts 1 and three, with some 2 but not overdone)
2. Yoda (by wierd al - to toon of Lola)
3. Mrs. Robinson
4. Weed with Willie
5. Semi-charmed life
6. Fat lip
7. Zero, 1979, Tonight - Tonight, etc. from Smashing Pumpkins.
8. 50 ways to leave your lover
9. Phantom of the Opera
10. Punks in the Beerlight
11. Catholic School Girls Rule
12. Something by Ray Stevens (Maybe Hugo Human Cannonball?)
13. Been caught Steelin'
14. Brain Damage
15. Do the evolution
16. Betterman
17. Give up the Funk
18. At least 1 Morphine song (Bueana?)
19. Sit on my face (Monty Python)
20. Old fashioned Morphine
21. Lightning Crashes (Live - throwing copper)
22. Twisted Transistor
23. Ghost Riders in the Sky (have a great rendition with Johny Cash & Willie Nelson)
24. The Middle
25. All along the watchtower
26. Flagpole Sitta
27. Something from Buck Cherry?
28. Dammit! (Early Blink 182)
29. has the whole world lost it's head (Go-Go's, baby :))
30. Seven Deadly Sins (Flogging Molly)
31. Bleed like me? Or something from Garbage 2.0
32. I am the highway
33. Who I am hates who I've been

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