Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Song lyric - work in progress

Think melodic and poetic - sort of a U2 influence.

Are you still there for me?
Am I still there for you?
Have either of us ever been there at all?

The design at play
The end of the day
The time of my life
The time of yours

The things I say
The one, the way,
The twist of the knife
It pours

I know I’ve hurt you
Did you really live for me?
Or was your devotion
To people I never see?

The doubts that rend
The thoughts I bend
The looming cliff
The chance to choose

The value Grey
Lack will to stay
The wager stiff
Will I even know if I lose?

Bend my thoughts
My mind strains at the edge of it’s capabilities
The flat-spin ensues.
The wine helps me hit the silk.
Problems I cannot solve
Questions I cannot answer

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