Problem getting JAVA GUI to show itself

When i would run the debugger on a SWING based JAVA utility that I had written using WSAD in order to read data from an iseries DTAQ object, and the java icon would appear when doing an alt-tab, but I couldn't find the GUI. Turns out that WSAD didn't auto-generate the following code ...

TEST1 T1 = new TEST1();;

... in the main method.

I don't know if this was my mistake, or if WSAD is really this challenged to anticipate the need for this terribly, terribly boiler-plate code.

By the by, why aren't there any freely downloadable iseries utilities to work with dataqueues? I'll post the one that I have when it's "finished". That could be a while. It currenlty will only read from a dataqueue and clear the contents.


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