Submit JCL through FTP

This is something that I did back in my MCI days of integrating Windows NT servers with mainframes in the land of no budget.

1. Establish a connection with the MVS/S390/Z-OS host
2. quote site filetype=jes
3. put preexist.jcl
Where preexist.jcl is the JCL that will be submitted. It needs to be located on the submitting box, not the mainframe.

Also, I found article that says you can retrieve the output thusly:

To submit a pre-existing JCL job stream via FTP and retrieve the results can be as simple as:
quote site filetype=jes
get preexist.jcl jes.output

To further automate the process, you can store the ftp commands in a file and use ftp -s:


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